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Compound Sp. z o.o. was established in June 2006 with the objective of investing long-term in Warsaw’s high street commercial properties. The company’s shareholders and employees have years of experience in successful commercial real estate investments, property commercialization, management and real estate financing.

Compound is focused on investing in commercial properties in Warsaw, the city with the largest commercial property market in Poland. All of the company’s properties have been acquired from either leading real estate developers active in Poland or from individual investors. The company has managed to lease the majority of its property portfolio during the construction stage of the buildings. Most of its properties have been rented by Compound directly without the need to use property agents; however, the company also co-operates with leading Polish and international real estate agencies and has used their services in the past when needed. Compound has managed to secure a close to zero vacancy rate from its outset and enjoys double digit rates of return on investment.

In December 2017 the management board has taken a decision to expand the activities of the company to include short term rental of apartments in Central Warsaw.

The company is actively looking to expand its investment portfolio and is currently considering acquiring a number of commercial properties. These include properties both under construction and in existing buildings that Compound believes would increase in value if the current use or conditions of lease of the properties were changed. Compound plans to grow its portfolio of properties, as measured by m², by 15% to 20% annually. From its outset, the company has worked with Bank Zachodni WBK S.A. in securing financing for its property portfolio. Compound has been recognized externally for its stability and strong financial performance, including recognition from Dun & Bradstreet.